Enlio anti-slip mats are ideal for wet areas such as swimming pools, showers, spas, saunas and changing rooms, etc. Unique design allows water to drain away easily,

provides slip resistance, safe and dry surface. Enlio wet area mats are warm and comfortable and ideal for bare feet.

Anti-slip mats

Material: Antibacterially treated UV-resistant soft vinyl. 100% natural material. 

Sizi: 200x200 mm

Thickness: 9,0mm


Temperature resistance: -35℃ - +70℃

Colours: Dark Blue,light Blue, Dark Grey, Ocean Green, Beige, Antique Pink 

Packing: 100 tiles/box (approx 4)
Slip resistance: DIN51097 :A+B+C DIN EN13451/15288-1:30

*Wet barefoot areas:

For barefoot areas in swimming pools, public saunas, at the pool and in cleaning areas of sports facilities, the assessment is made in groups A (lowest requirements), B and C (highest requirements) according to DIN 51097. Here, too, slip resistance is determined by means of a test person on an inclined plane, the slip agent is soapy water.

The required slip resistance increases from A via B to C. 

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